Similar to other gadgets, the Tripod Data System or TDS also encounter issues. You should expect that, especially if you continually use it. It is also necessary to remember, that as soon as you can manage the safety of your TDS, either Ranger or Recon, you should do your best. Not because it is considered Rugged, you will use it the way you want. Just like people, our gadgets also get tired and need rest.

There are instances that you’ll encounter issues on your TDS. So, I list here several ways to resolve the issue.

First, when there is a vertical line in the data collector screen, you should recharge your battery. Your battery will soon be drained. If the power status is fine, you can contact the customer support where you buy the TDS to ask for help.

Second, if you have touch screen issues, you can try aligning or calibrating your TDS. You can do that by following the instruction: Go to Settings > System Tab > Screen > Align Screen Button. If it doesn’t work, the issue may be caused by debris like grass seeds and grains of sand. It is necessary to remove it by using a toothpick or a compressed air in a can, but be careful doing the resolution. It may damage the screen permanently. I’ve tried it myself and it works.

On the off chance that the two arrangements don’t work, delicate reset the gadget. On the off chance that still not working, hard reset it. In the event that you are utilizing lower variants of Operating framework than the Windows Mobile 5, back up your records. On the off chance that these proposals don’t help, toss your TDS now. Uh oh, simply joking. Ask assistance from a solid professional gaining practical experience in TDS fix.

Third, if your handheld data collector is running slower than the usual run, reboot your TDS. Before rebooting, save all the files because it may not be restored after you reboot the TDS. You can also check your memory space; if you believe your TDS has lower space memory, try moving some of your files to the storage card.

Fourth, once you accidentally deleted your files from the TDS, there is no way to retrieve it, especially if you are using a lower Windows version. I suggest that you upgrade to the updated version, the Windows 5.0. It’s better to be safe and updated than losing your files frequently.

Other issues with Bluetooth, data collection, screen freeze, synchronization, memory and more, a TDS reboot will help. If it does not resolve the problem, try researching. Google is always available. Moreover, ask advice from the expert.

I just posted some of the common Tripod Data System issues. This is generally true to Ranger, Recon, and other handheld data collector gadgets. These things may possibly happen if you are one of those irresponsible TDS owners.

Even the TDS is compact and durable, it is always necessary to use it properly. Yes, it will survive water, extreme temperature and compression, but do not tolerate each thing to happen. Your TDS costs a penny, so it’s better to save than to buy another.