The following article is about the TDS Recon. After publishing I received so many suggestions, which I thought to include in the redesign. All the views will be most welcomed.TDS-Recon

Taking you further at the office and in the field

The TDS recon will be an extended version with great performance and the durability. The next generation X-series is capable of being used no matter where you are. It has also the functionality of Bluetooth, GPS and 802.11g wireless. You can easily use recon anytime anywhere. I also use recon for my data secure and saving my time, because I really do not like to compromise with my work so I always prefer to use recon.

Use of Handheld devices is very popular in today’s era of technology. Basically handheld is computing devices which are compact in size with a wide display screen and can easily carry in a pocket. These devices include mobile phones, e-book reader, Notebook PC, Pandora, Graphing calculator, pager, pocket computer, Pokémon Mini, handheld game consoles etc. benefits of handheld devices like smartphone, which you can easily carry your office and also can use emails with Wi-Fi or 3G speed, you can easily chat with your handheld device anywhere . As I discussed about the recon in this article so I also want to highlight the future of the handheld devices that these are becoming very popular every day and after the time ago it will be necessity of every single person.

The Recon for land surveyors
Survey Pro on the Recon is now even more affordable. Running Survey Pro 4.x software, the new Recon NX gives HP 48 users an option to update their data collector at a very comfortable price. Learn more about the Recon NX by downloading the brochure.

Windows Mobile

The Recon runs Windows Mobile 5.0, so you’ll have the applications you utilize most-including a timetable, email, and Mobile forms of Word, Excel and even PowerPoint and you are likewise ready to play casino games in New Zealand, of your decision.

Water Resistant
The Recon is completely sealed to keep running in the wettest situations. Testing has shown that you can submerge the Recon one meter deep in water for up to 30 minutes and the Recon will keep running. Click here to view an actual live broadcast of the Recon running underwater in a fish tank at the TDS headquarters in Corvallis, Ore.

Linux option
TDS partner 10East Corp. offers the Recon with Linux as the operating system. If you have a Linux-based application, you now have a viable option for running it on the TDS Recon. Learn more at the 10East Web site.