I wouldn’t call myself a tech junkie but I am quite obsessed with my Twitter account. I like to voice out my thoughts around my circle and I get valuable insights from there too. So there was this time when I was out on a trip with my friends to Austria and we planned to ski as well. I would strongly recommend people to go for skiing by the way because it is so much fun and worth the money. Unfortunately in my case it got a bit too costly, not because of any injury but because I foolishly took my cell phone with me like I always do. I should have kept it in my bag or somewhere safe but it got seriously damaged because my hip directly bumped in to a hard piece of rock, I think. I felt saved from a bad injury but my phone took the damage and somehow its screen is not as sensitive as it used to be. Soon I got the phone repaired and I bought a great cover from Spigen. These guys make really good covers for their phones by the way. Long story short, I was introduced to this impressive gadget, which he takes with him wherever he goes, and it is called the TDS Recon. IN case if you are confused, TDS stands from Tripod Data Systems. This company makes gadgets that support popular OS like the Windows and then makes a housing that can withstand the toughest pressures.

The TDS Recon is what you would say something a military would have if they wanted their scouts to explore a terrain or patrol the area for any reconnaissance. It is so well guarded that I could tell that I have nothing to worry about it. It surely was heavy and bulky, but I loved the fact that it is finally something you can take anywhere with you. It literally tempts you to test its housing. I totally loved the options it offered for you.

This gadget has its own memory where you can store your own data, logs, pictures, emails, and any other data you name it. It could do all what you would expect from a PDA, plus it was tougher than any other PDA you could find. They thought through everything like scratches, low temperature, loss of battery, rain or submerging in water or any possible hazard when you are out on a trip. It also allows upgrading of the memory, in case your workload demands so. It is interesting that there is a big demand for this job. Some of my colleagues who are now doing well in their engineering career, they are already using PDAs when they are working on the field. Sometimes where exposed to harsher climates or conditions but these devices are can withstand a lot of pressure.