I owned a PDA and it keeps crashing every time I use it. Since I need to work efficiently and maximize my work time, it is necessary to gather more details in the field. A big memory is a requirement. The PDA does not help.

I browsed the internet to look for similar gadgets, but of course, something that is better enough than my previous PDA. I came across the Tripod Data System or the TDS. It has a variety of products to choose from, but I feel comfortable with the TDS Ranger. They consider it is a rugged handheld. So, with the term “rugged”, I feel that this is the best gadget for me, because I am a “rugged”, too.

In my scenario, I need to have a technology that will not surrender in any cases. The gadget should be used to the abuse of weather, temperature and usage. Any gadget I own should be ready in these kinds of treatment. Am I too rude? No, I am not. My job is. I get interested about this TDS Ranger. I keep focusing on the latest X Version of the Ranger which is the TDS Ranger 500X. According to reviews, it can survive in any kind of extreme industrial jobs. And by the statement, I get more interested because that is exactly I need. What do you expect from me? Of course, I ordered online. After several weeks of waiting, I got the TDS.

When I got to see the gadget, it is exactly similar to what I expect. But there are features that are above my expectations, too. Let me discuss it here. First, the Ranger has a superb ergonomics. Meaning, the design is very handy. As a field worker, required to go everywhere, even in the extreme temperature, I can bring the Ranger without hassle. It is very compact and lightweight, too. The padded nylon in yellow color also double protects the Ranger in any severe instances. This helps it survive even I intentionally drop it from a 4- foot elevation. Yes, I did it. I drop it myself to test the truth. And it happens many times unintentionally, since I am very clumsy. You should not blame me. As I work on fields, I have many things to ponder upon, not to protect the Ranger alone. Well, it is designed as rugged, so it deserves a rugged treatment, too.

As I discussed earlier, my old PDS keeps crashing. I can’t get more information since the memory is always full or it easily gets drained. But with my new Ranger, I can gather any information I want and store it here. The battery also works with a maximum of 30 hours lifespan. So, I can use it in a day or more. By the way it has Bluetooth connection also.

Overall, I was amazed by the product. These mentioned benefits are only some of those many Ranger advantages. I am just too tired to write all. Maybe next time, I will discuss more about my experiences on this Ranger.