First of all, I apologize for my delay in writing the next update about my Ranger. I have written a post about this TDS Ranger several weeks ago, correct me if I am mistaken. Well, I am just too busy doing my job. And I have with me this Ranger for my works. So, with weeks of usage of this TDS, I have learned and discovered more about it.

One of my best experiences with this TDS Ranger is when I need to cross a river. As a field surveyor, I should go whenever is needed. One of the things I should not forget is the TDS Ranger since it stores all the details I get. By that time, I tend to overlook my Ranger. I dropped it on the river unknowingly. Since it is lightweight, it levitates so I still save it from losing. And I will not allow losing it since I pay for it. I thought I would lose all data in the Ranger. I am thinking that I need to begin my survey, go back to the first destination and repeat everything. Admittedly, I am afraid that it will happen. When I opened the Ranger, everything is safe and in shape. That is what I consider as a great advantage of this Ranger.

By the way, for the information of some readers, if I have, the Ranger is now running under Windows Mobile 5.0. If you still have the Windows Mobile 2003, upgrade now. This is something you must not miss. As the most up to date handheld computer technology, you are assured of 100% flawless function and performance. Even it is rugged, it works perfectly.

Moreover, just like the old versions of mobile phones, the Ranger provides you convenience using the Keypad. It has a touch screen feature and a keypad to provide everyone with great ease of use especially for people working outdoors. A large keypad will help for your data entry needs. You can easily type the numbers and letters since it has a separate keypad section, so I guarantee correct and complete data entries. In any scenario, keypad allows us to type faster than the usual. It has also a dot and delete button so you can amend the details if necessary.

The connection features of this Ranger help me to stay connected even I am away from office or home. I can send e-mails if required. During, vacant hours, I can browse the internet and update my Facebook. I also post selfie, sometimes. Yes, you can connect camera in the TDS. The Ranger is very versatile and offers a variety of functions. You can perform several tasks with only one gadget. Do you remember my mentions on online casinos? What about the australian gambling system?

The information in this post is a lot. I need to go now and enjoy my Ranger. By the way, the TDS is affordable compared to other similar gadgets. Also, it is money back guaranteed because of its performances. You will be a happy and satisfied client, just like me.