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GIS mapping software in one size that fits all
TDS SOLO Field GIS mapping software offers functionality, flexibility and the latest computing technology—all in a package that's compatible with virtually every GPS receiver and GIS file format. SOLO Field lets you gather position and attribute data on a handheld computer such as the rugged TDS Recon or TDS Ranger, or any other Windows Mobile or Windows CE device. Best of all, SOLO Field provides advanced features for advanced users while remaining easy to learn and operate.

When you integrate the rugged TDS Recon with SOLO Field, an optional Extended CF-Cap and a GPS receiver card, you have an all-in-one solution. If you can get there, you can map it with this rugged, complete combination.

Intuitive and easy to use
SOLO Field is fast, accurate and simple to operate, whether you're collecting GIS data for the first time or updating and improving your existing databases. SOLO Field's intuitive menus and dialog boxes make it easy to map points, lines and areas, as well as navigate, calculate distances and areas, and view and edit collected data in the field.

Download the brochure
Click on the link to download this product brochure. Brochures are from two to four pages long and include product overviews and specifications.

Customize functions
SOLO Field offers a wide range of advanced capabilities and functionalities. It's easy to customize your data collection forms to layouts that work best for you. And you can generate forms from your existing databases.

SOLO Office
SOLO Office is the Windows-based companion product for SOLO Field. The interface for SOLO Office is similar to that of SOLO Field, making it easy to learn and use. SOLO Office has many of the same functions as SOLO Field, and it adds SHP file extraction, image preparation, user-defined ASCII export, project management and much more.

Work with a variety of I/O options
Using SOLO Field, you can gather position data via GPS or laser rangefinder, or by selecting a position on your basemap. You can work with ESRI SHP, AutoCAD DXF, MicroStation DGN, MapInfo MIF or TDS UDF basemap formats, as well as major image file formats such as TIF, JPG and DOQQ. And you can export your data directly from your data collector into a variety of common formats.

Connect with almost any GPS receiver
SOLO Field connects easily to virtually any GPS receiver—from consumer-grade handheld units to high-precision surveying equipment. SOLO Field works with any GPS receiver that outputs industry-standard NMEA messages. TDS or your local dealer can provide you with a GPS receiver to meet your needs, or you can supply your own.

CSEPP case study
Click here to see a case study detailing how the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) in Hermiston, Ore. uses SOLO Field and the rugged TDS handheld to create a mobile safety net that protects area residents in case of a chemical emergency.

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