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Nikon total stations deliver speed, accuracy and ease of use—and superior Nikon optics
Nikon total stations offer fast, accurate electronic distance measurement (EDM), easy-to-use keypads and legendary Nikon optics to help you work more quickly and productively in the field. You'll see the difference when you look through a Nikon total station. Nikon optics effectively let in more light. You see brighter, sharper images—even in the low-visibility conditions typical in the field. Better optics help you aim more precisely, and they're much easier on your eyes—something you'll really appreciate on long workdays. And all Nikon telescopes use a unique linear focusing mechanism that improves focusing at both short and long distances.

Nikon total stations are part of the complete data collection system from Tripod Data Systems. You can depend on Nikon's onboard software, or for greater power and flexibility you can connect a TDS Recon or TDS Ranger to your Nikon total station.

All Nikon total stations feature easy-to-use keypads. You can assign frequently used functions to the USR keys, as well as define up to 10 one-touch Quick Codes to measure and record points all with a single key press.

Three series to choose from
There are three Nikon total station series to choose from, with many models available. Click here to view a specification chart of each Nikon total station. You can display any combination of our models for easy comparison—so you can get the right Nikon total station for your needs.

502 Series
The 502 Series is one of the fastest total stations in its class, with 1.0-second initial measurement and 0.5-second updates in normal mode-so you can move quickly through your survey routines and spend less time in the field. The 502 Series punches through brush better than most total stations, and the Lumi-Guide tracking light helps the rodman locate lines more quickly.

302 Series
The 302 Series offers the longest battery life in the industry—up to 16 hours—so you can work through even your longest day with no battery changes. 302 Series total stations are rugged and lightweight, and they have an IPX6 rating to be able to withstand even powerful jets of water. You can choose between prism or reflectorless models.

602 Series
The 602 Series features external data storage and transfer via CompactFlash (CF) cards or USB mass storage devices. You can use Type I or II CF cards or USB 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0 devices. Download data to one of these storage devices, and carry it back to your office to easily transfer the data to your PC.

Connex Data Transfer and Conversion Software, developed by TDS, enables bi-directional data transfer between a Nikon total station with on-board storage and a PC. By importing and exporting a variety of data formats, Connex allows you to interface to many engineering or CAD programs. You can also quickly identify and correct errors from the field, manage your data and easily generate reports. Connex replaces the discontinued TransIt program.

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