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The Pacific crest products, including PDL units are of small size and weight, and also consume less power. Their incredible designs permit them to be effortlessly surfaced upon all basic sized tripods and GPS poles. These communication products and PDL or Positioning Data Link radio kits offered through the Pacific crest are used to deliver an arduous network across the GPS equipment and reference station.

RTK data links has a 19,200 bps data rate with an adjustable communication protocol. They can effortlessly combine to most of the crucial GPS equipment. Waterproof PDL modems and kits have a great match with the RTK equipments with a benefit of advanced productivity. The TDS incredible quality employed in the products is at par from the Pacific crest long range of products.


Base kits
Base kits are available for both high and low power applications. Kits are ready to carry, set up, and enable a high precision radio link with your GPS system. Base kits include everything you need in one bundle, plus you can buy accessories and replacement parts. Kits sold by TDS (with 450-470 Mhz or 430-450 Mhz) are designed for use in the US and Canada.

Repeater kits
PDL repeater products extend the reach of RTK GPS reference stations and provide excellent performance for all survey and machine control applications. PDL repeater kits sold by TDS are complete systems tailored specifically for RTK GPS, with 450-470 Mhz and 430-450 Mhz for use in the US and Canada.

Rover kits
The PDL rover is a highly-sensitive radio receiver that connects directly to your RTK GPS rover station. It features fast data rates, multi-protocol compatibility and an internal lithium-ion battery that lasts 10 hours.

Download the brochure

For downloading an information pamphlet for this product, click the following link. This leaflet has the neat details and the overviews for the product that are present in the easy printable format.

Accessories and replacement parts
TDS Carries the complete line of accessories for Pacific Crest radio kits. Whether you need a Eurocard radio or want an additional carrying case, you can get it all from TDS. If something is left behind on a job or just wears out after years of use, it’s great to know you have a source for replacement parts.

The TDS Ranger 300X and 500X are available with a Pacific Crest PDLRXO radio embedded right in the data collector. You can start with a Ranger that includes the PDLRXO radio, or if you already have a Ranger X-Series data collector it can be retrofitted. The PDLRXO is an advanced, high speed, wireless radio designed specifically for GPS/RTK applications