I remember I was watching a show that was titled ‘Will it blend?’ and as funny as it sounds, it really was about blending stuff. This show was extraordinary because it was nothing about blending food but rather blending everything else. I couldn’t even imagine there is a blender out there that could actually blend hard items like electronics. They also did it with those things that were known to have excellent build quality like iPhones and DVDs. I was almost impressed to see that there is a blender that could go so far, but it had nothing much to do with marketing the blender. This show was like a benchmark for those enthusiasts who wanted to know how durable certain products are. I watched a few more shows online and I realized there are reviews of people attempting to see how a brand new phone breaks when it hits a wall or falls on concrete etc. This is fascinating because it is really something that future buyers would want to know before they are purchasing. I remember there was this USB flash drive made in the shape of a bullet and all of this explains that there is a need of items that can be trusted for heavy usage. There are users who like to use phones and know how to care for them, and naturally, there are people who drop their phones often. This led me to realize that people are willing to invest some money for protecting their items.

This brings us to a new concept of device protection systems, which is known as Tripod Data Systems. These systems are designed to allow electronic devices to function perfectly in harsh environments. It is quite impressive when you get a hold of them because the build quality is made to sustain the worst falls possible. Ever had those horrifying cell phone falls where your phone first bounces on a floor and then you end up kicking the phone before you reach it? These will never give up on you.

So what is the whole idea of using a TDS? Most businesses need to protect their property and one way they only know is to use insurance. Insurance is great for major losses, which can be easily replaced without any urgency, but electronic devices cause a vacuum in services if any of them fail to work. Imagine you losing your handheld device and then waiting for insurance to compensate you. How long are you going to wait before the new device comes? It is better to preserve them the old-fashioned way. They are covered with a thick layer of rubber with gaps so that they can not only avoid scratches but also absorb shocks.

It makes complete sense for people who do a lot of fieldwork on the job. These are sales people, lumberjacks, food delivery services, military, construction and so many other outdoor industries. I could consider keeping posted by them, just in case they decide to make something for common consumers too.