It has been quite a while for me to believe that you cannot be someone who loves the outdoors and still be a techno geek at the same time. It might still not be true, but I like how gadgets are transforming to become better, faster and literally stronger! Think about it! I used to work on the laptop for every little thing like checking emails, updating my pages, or simply getting information off the internet. When I bought my first iPod touch I was so in to this gadget that I remember I nearly stopped using my laptop for a long time. Most of my immediate short tasks were easily done by my iPod. Of course, when it came to gaming then I had to use my laptop or some important college work. Now we have the new iPad to take care of our work and occasional gaming moods. It is great to realize everything is getting so handy for all the little tasks we need.

When Android became a popular choice, some lesser known brands started showing up that were manufactured from China and companies like Samsung and Nokia started coming up with south-Eastern versions of flagship gadgets so that they could cater to those markets. However, the iPhone still outsold these phones because of its software and unbeatable build quality. It shows that people appreciate good quality and durability over variety despite the fact that Apple products are always more expensive. Then we had companies like Otter and Spigen to serve added care for these high priced products. Durability is something even I would be tempted to pay extra for something that can withstand a lot of beating and abuse!

Tripod Data Systems is yet another kind of a company that realizes that these hand-held devices are an important asset to any individual or company. They introduced the TDS Ranger that is a data collector for those people who have to go to distant stations and platforms for gathering their relevant research. This research could be anything from Geology to Archeology. Naturally, these places are not exactly safe and quite unexpected. The surveyors who are doing this research have a lot on their shoulders to keep an eye out for but they do a marvelous job with the details they come back with. These devices can make their job easier and they would know very well that it would not give up on them when they have come so far with so much effort, only to realize that their data collectors broke. When I decided to head out for hiking with my friends, I noticed they have some of the most protective armor purchased for their phones. Those armors were definitely big and bulky, thus likely not something you would want to carry with you in a business meeting. It surely had much to offer for those who loved the outdoors and wanted to stay online about it. I was fascinated how these gadgets are getting common and companies are willing to invest in making them more durable.

Now companies and individual alike can invest in these Tripod Data Systems for their research or any outdoor activity that is tough and harsh.