A friend recommended me the Tripod Data System Recon. Compared to other technologies I bought, this one is offered at a fair price. Of course, that gives a good shot for me. At the very first place, I was pleased with the price. Going back, he recommended the Recon because he uses it for more than years. By the way, my friend is a Military, and I am a Forester. He told me that I will benefit from this TDS Recon. He assures me that I will. Of course, I am confused. What is the connection of Military to Forestry? Oh well, my friend convinced me that it helps a lot in field works, especially in my job. Since I trust him, I trust his thoughts, too. We are friends for ages, so it explains my decision.

My Recon is just 6 months old. It is handy and lightweight so as a Forester, I am happy that I don’t need to bring other technologies other than this Recon. This gadget has all the applications I need in my work. It includes 802.11g and Bluetooth. Cool, isn’t it? Just like a computer, this Recon runs under Windows Mobile and Versatile Microsoft. Without cables, the Bluetooth feature of TDS allows me to be connected with mobile peripherals. Similarly, the 802.11g wireless connects me to Internet and Local Area Networks. I can also send e-mails, too. So if there is an urgent task that needs to be submitted, or information that should be relayed instantly, I can manage to do it with the Recon’s wireless feature.

You can also add digital cameras, GPS, and bar code scanners because of the two CompactFlash integrated in this gadget. I find this gadget very helpful.

One more thing about the product is it has bigger memory spaces that allow me to do several tasks in a day. I own a Recon 400X with 256 MB. The other TDS version is the RECON 200X which has 128 MB. When I bought my Recon, or other similar gadgets, like the phone, I am critical about the memory space. Who will be happy owning a gadget that after a while will say, “Your memory is full”? Of course, no one, right? That’s why I bought the RECON 400X. Aside from it has a larger memory, the prices of the two versions are almost close. With higher memory storage, I can maximize my work a day.

Big memories are useless if the gadget has an easy to drain battery. I will complain if that happens. Good thing, it doesn’t. My regular work is 8 hours a day, but field work requires more time. Of course, you need to travel and roam around the forest. I am just happy that my Recon works with me 8 hours or more.

For now, I can say that my friend is really trustworthy. He shares with me his trusted technology. It really pays to have a reliable friend. At the same time, it also pays to own an unfailing Tripod Data System Recon.