I am not fun of blogging. I don’t give praise and recognition to gadgets or anything that overwhelms me or the occasional story about aussie slots or how they say, pokie machines. But now, I decided to write for a great gadget that astounds me because it deserves a credit due to its good works.

For the past years of surveying, the only technology I trust is the Tripod Data Systems or TDS. It has PC programs and popular data collection features that are very useful for my routines. Well, for my 5 years of usage, I never encounter problems brought by the Recon. Actually, it includes complete accessories, systems and programs that conveniently help with my activities.

Unlike any other gadgets I’ve used before, TDS makes it possible to work with other instruments. It is compatible with CAD and PC programs, and Handhelds, too. Moreover, as a handheld computer, this gadget allows me to safely store my data. I am clumsy sometimes and don’t notice that I place my Recon anywhere. Instances happen that I drop it. I thought I would lose my hard gained information due to my clumsiness. Good thing, my TDS is very durable. All I can say is it beats military gadget functions. I go everywhere because it is my job. I do survey and a whole lot more outdoors. With TDS, I can do all I want without worrying. Anywhere I go, even it rain or shine, in high or low temperatures, my Recon does not break down. It is also waterproof so I never feel worry even if it rains or I bridge rivers.

As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, the TDS is with me for 5 years already and still counting. Of course, changes are inevitable and my survey requirements vary. There are applications that inutile. At the same time, I need to upgrade my Recon to meet my surveying needs. Since this technology offers customizations, it is possible to add my needed applications. Meaning, I don’t need to buy new. It saves me from spending again. Similarly, I can enjoy my Recon’s services for a long time.

Oh, by the way, aside from surveying, the TDS Recon can help with other similar tasks. Since I do surveying, I focused on its advantages on my job but, it can also work on other applications. It is possible to use the Recon for law and military enforcement, asset and facilities management, forestry, utilities construction and civil engineering, and mapping.

So, if you are in related industries, you can own a Recon, too. I personally guarantee the benefits of Recon. And it is convenient to use the gadget. It has a friendly user interface so you can manage using it even for the first time.

Included in this post are the features that are beneficial to my job. I will post more about Tripod Data Systems or TDS so that you will discover more of its advantages. One day or another, you will realize that Recon is also useful for your activities. By the way, thanks for reading!